Video of EasyStartupEvening, May 29/ 2016


On May 29/2016, Dnipro hosted EasyStartupEvening. The event was organized by the Center for Economic Integration and Sustainable Development (CEISD). The Center operates to promote entrepreneurship and development of new economy elements in Ukraine. For the region, it was the first time when the participants had the opportunity to get the information in the format of a teleconference, featuring experts from five countries: Ukraine, the United States, Israel, Poland and Canada.

Conference – Dnipro (City):

Sergey Dovgopolyi (Regional Director of the EGAP program, Technical Director of the investment portal «InVenture», the founder of FeelGoodLabs Business Accelerator): “Roadmap for a successful start-up: how to start and where to go”

Vyacheslav Mayakin (Deputy Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency, the EGAP program coordinator, the managing partner of SPACE HUB): “How to raise funds for financing of a start-up”

Claudia Zaika ( Account manager and Project manager of ApriorIT company): “How to present a start-up properly”

Teleconference – Silicon Valley (USA):

Under development…

Teleconference – Israel:

Under development…

Teleconference – Poland:

Under development…

Teleconference – Canada:

Under development…

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13 July, 2016