Management structure of CEISD is a set of the management bodies, namely:
– The General Meeting (of the Members of CEISD)
– The Council of CEISD
– The Board of CEISD

“The General Meeting” is a supreme management body of CEISD. All the Members of CEISD who are present at the General Meeting in person or by their authorized representatives have a right to vote. The member of CEISD is able to demand consideration of an issue at the General Meeting.

“The Council” manages the affairs of CEISD between the General Meetings. The Council consists of three members who are elected by the General Meeting. The Council is headed by Chairman of the Council. He is elected by members of the Council and leads its activity.

“The Board” is a collegial executive body of CEISD. The competence of the Board includes all issues of current activities of CEISD, except those that are within the competence of the General Meeting or the Council. The number of Board members is determined by the Council and it should not be more than 9 persons. The Board is accountable to the General Meeting and the Council and organizes the implementation of their decisions. The activity of the Board is led by its Chairman. Board members, as well as Chairman of the Board, are elected by the Council.