Roman Komyza
Chairman of the Council

Roman is the co-founder and Chairman of the Council of CEISD. He heads the Supervisory Council of Activinvest. For more than 20 years of his professional career he’s achieved a diversified experience: taught law at the Dnipropetrovsk State University; was a top manager of one of the largest Ukrainian industrial and financial corporations; was a member of the supervisory councils of several commercial banks. Having launched his own business, Roman established a number of companies in such fields as legal consulting, securities transactions, insurance as well as asset management. Working in the financial market, Roman helped many companies in solving problems related to investments, bond issuance, reorganization and M&A transactions. He is a developer of online product for investment attraction. Roman is an author of articles on economics, geopolitics, society and state.


Alexandr Sharov
Member of the Council

Alexandr is the co-founder and Member of the Council of CEISD. He is a Director at Institute of International Education and Scientific Programs of National Mining University, who was one of the originators of NMU’s system of economic education including its creation and development. He was the first dean of the Faculty of Economics and Director of the Institute of Economics of NMU, who actively worked on improving the training of specialists on economics, developing productive cooperation with partners from different countries. Alexander was one of the founders of the Ukrainian Association for Development of Management and Business Education. For many years, he was a member of its Presidium, was the founder and CEO of the International Leadership School, conducted training for businesses and university teachers. For more than 20 years Alexander has participated in international projects to promote the participation of Ukrainians in the EU grant programs, including the Horizon 2020 and Erasmus +, as well as in the programs of international funds aimed at the capacity development of the Ukrainian higher education, entrepreneurship and civil society.


Nikolaj Shevchenko
Member of the Council

Nikolai is the co-founder and Member of the Council of CEISD. More than 25 years ago, at the dawn of the Ukrainian market economy formation Nicholai began to work in the field of marketing communications for small and medium-sized businesses. He was the deputy chief editor of “Svoyo Delo” business newspaper and later founded the “Business Class” magazine. Since 2001 he has been the chairman of “Business Club” Business Class” non-governmental organization. In 2010 he was appointed a deputy director of the department – head of the entrepreneurship development and investments division of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council department of industry, entrepreneurship development and investments. He also was a member of the Coordinating Council, the Working Group on the attraction of investments into the city as well as the Working Group on complying with the principles of state regulatory policy in Dnipropetrovsk. Nicholai conducts the vigorous activity, aimed at popularization of entrepreneurship, organizing business communication, small and medium-sized enterprises development as well as international cooperation.


Aleksandr Volodin
Chairman of the Board

Aleksandr is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of CEISD. Thanks to his basic technical education, diverse experience and a wide range of interests Aleksandr is a universal communicator who can build effective working relationships with representatives of the various spheres of activity. Since 1985, Alexander was engaged in the implementation of new equipment – CNC machining centers and industrial robots. At the same time he developed the methodical and training materials for the Ministry of Heavy Machinery of Ukraine. More than 20 years he worked in the field of marketing, including advertising, market research and business consulting. Within a few years he successfully managed the trade-and-industrial company with an extensive distribution structure. As a member of the International Association of Journalists, he is an author of articles on social issues.


Jaroslav Fedorishin
Member of the Board

Jaroslav is the co-founder and Member of the Board of CEISD. Being an expert in the field of management Jaroslav specializes in consulting for owners of small and medium-sized businesses, including the organization of seminars and workshops. He is a founder of the Ukrainian successful companies such as: “Vysotsky Consulting” Dnipropetrovsk, “Faraday-Istok”; Deputy Head of the Coordination Council of the European Business Association (EBA). Jaroslav promotes entrepreneurship, representing the interests of Dnepropetrovsk businesses both in Ukraine and abroad, he is a initiating entity in the development of social and educational projects for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Author of articles on management for business magazines and newspapers. The Yaroslav’s goal is to create the society where capable people can succeed but all fair people have rights.


Vladimir Titov
Member of the Board

Vladimir is the co-founder and Member of the Board of CEISD. For more than 40 years, Vladimir worked in such sectors as geology and construction, devoting most of the time to technology surveys, R&D projects, testing procedures and implementation of innovations in a production process. He has author’s certificates and patents. Working in the Business School at the Institute of Economics and then in the Institute of International Education and Scientific Programs of the National Mining University, he was one of the initiators of large-scale projects on commercialization and innovative technologies transferring. Nowadays he conducts a range of social projects including those under the program for subsidizing of technological innovations.

Павел Пшинько

Pavlo Pshinko
Member of the Board

Pavlo is a Member of the Board of CEISD; PhD, entrepreneur. Areas of interest: innovative entrepreneurship, international trading operations, applied science, construction, professional education, flexible project management methodologies and the European Certification of industrial goods. Since 2014 Pavlo has been actively involved in the preparation and implementation of international scientific and social projects in the framework of grant programs such as the Horizon-2020 and Shift2Rail. He also runs a business related to exports to the EU of eco-friendly products for various-purposes. Since 2015 he starts educational projects related to innovative entrepreneurship (Startups) in cooperation with Israeli and European partners. Since the beginning of 2016 he develops the course of the European Certification for Ukrainian goods in cooperation with German and Polish partners.